Japanese ISPs Agree to Ban Pirates from the Internet Following a huge increase in complaints from the music, movie and software industries, the four major Japanese ISP organizations have agreed that they will work with copyright holders to track down copyright infringing file-sharers and disconnect them from the internet. TorrentFreak.

Forget Facebook. The Web's platform is Firefox John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, argues that the Firefox platform is actually more robust and easier to use than "rival" platforms like Facebook, iPhone, etc. Unlike these others, Firefox is a true community platform, reflecting the tastes, requirements, and whims of a broad array of users. News.com.

PC Market Expected To Continue Double-Digit Growth Worldwide PC shipments are projected to grow by 12.8% in 2008 to reach 302 million units, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. IDC.

Gates Predicts Big Technological Leaps In a speech to the Northern Virginia Technology Council, Gates speculated that some of the most important advances will come in the ways people interact with computers: speech-recognition technology, tablets that will recognize handwriting and touch-screen surfaces that will integrate a wide variety of information. My Way.

Public Wi-Fi: Be Very Paranoid You have an hour before your flight, so you log in to the Wi-Fi network at the airport. You look up some stock prices, check your e-mail, pay a couple of bills online, and surf a few Web sites. Has it occurred to you that curious or hostile eyes could be peering into your computer and your network? BusinessWeek.