Sins of a Solar Empire demo (Strategy buffs rejoice) This single player Sins of a Solar Empire demo contains four tutorials, two small maps, one randomly generated medium map, and 90 minutes of playing time. FileShack.

Bridging Desktop And Web Applications - A Look At Mozilla Prism With the release of Prism 0.9 two weeks ago, the project now comes with a Firefox extension that makes creating a single-site browser for a website a one-click process that can be performed directly inside Firefox 3. Surf to Gmail, for instance, choose “Convert to Application” in the Firefox menu, and a shortcut with the Gmail icon appears on your desktop.

Engineers Develop Solid-state Fan The resulting fan is the most powerful and energy efficient fan of its size and moves more air than fans that are 35 times its size. DailyTech.

Florida Supreme Court Sanctions Jack Thompson The Florida Supreme Court will no longer accept anything directly from controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson. If Thompson wants to file with the Court, he’s going to need to hire another lawyer to do it on his behalf. GamePolitics.