Macs are still the "minority" player in the personal computer market, with Windows-based PCs enjoying a behemoth monopoly that we've all seen for years. OS X changed a lot for Apple, and since its release they have seen a small but steady market share gain year after year. These days, it seems that Apple is making more headway with more expensive equipment than otherwise, with them apparently taking 66% of the market for PC sales over $1,000.

The fact that Mac hardware tends to be more expensive than PC hardware may have some effect on this, but given how many PC vendors try hard to get complete desktop systems into that $999 or less bracket, Apple has certainly capitalized well. According to the report, two-thirds of PCs sell for under $1,000 whereas Apple has only a single Mac in that same category. The numbers might make you think that someone who is willing to spend a lot of money on a PC is more likely to buy a Mac - an interesting thing to think about. The report doesn't include PCs aimed at businesses that make up a huge portion of the market, which is somewhere Apple still has difficulty getting their foot in the door.