AMD launches external graphics card box AMD used the Computex show in Taipei this week to propose XGP - eXternal Graphics Platform, a slimline box you connect your GPU-lite laptop to when you need more graphics horsepower. The Register.

More iPhone rumors to surface between now and later? For example this Sunday morning, the Internet suggests that Apple's new iPhone might be cheaper. That it might be thinner. That it might have video chat. That it might have GPS. That it might come with a four-core chip. That it might be late. That it might be here already. Crave.

"Excalibur" GPU taped out, S3 goes mid-range? While the Chrome series is still a bit hard to come across in the west, they are a lot more common in the east. Apparently, VIA and S3 are so happy with how the Chrome series has performed that it is planning to take things up a notch. NordicHardware.

T-Mobile sues Starbucks over AT&T Internet deal T-Mobile USA is suing Starbucks, saying the coffee shop chain secretly colluded with AT&T to offer free WiFi Internet access in its cafes despite an exclusive agreement with T-Mobile. Reuters.

Duke Nukem Forever teaser (seriously) Jace Hall lands an exclusive interview with George Broussard and Scott Miller of 3D Realms. He even gets to play Duke Nukem Forever, the game that's been in development for over 12 years - and Jace has the footage to prove it! Crackle.