Comcast issued a press release earlier today that described their plans to raise many existing cable customers' upload speeds. A package with 384kbps will feature 1Mbps upload, and a package with 768kbps will feature 2Mbps. These steps follow in the wake of Comcast's controversial tactics regarding limiting what can be done with a connection.

The same day we hear about that, Verizon has announced plans to make much faster DSL service available to their customers as well. Verizon demoed 7mbit DSL to a pool of 400,000 customers earlier in the year, and is now preparing to roll it out to over 3 million. Those customers will have the option of purchasing a 7mbit DSL service, putting the download speed on par with cable connections.

Both of these speed increases come in a time when U.S. ISP s are battling with their customers about what it means to have "unlimited" Internet and just how much bandwidth they are really are paying for.