How do you think a spammer would feel if he was caught and fined $6 million for flooding MySpace members? Apparently, he wouldn't care. Scott Richter, founder of "Media Breakaway LLC", was recently fined a nice $6 million for violating various different acts all related to his spamming of MySpace. The fine is a lot less than what was apparently demanded originally by MySpace, as a statement on the Media Breakaway site indicates that they are almost happy with the penalty, claiming it is only 5% of what was initially demanded. However, it seems the owner was almost smug about the entire ordeal, claiming he was willing to pay millions in litigation fees to make even more than that in profit. A real penalty for a company that wants to make a profit by abusing others would have been to shut them down.

$6 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the hammer that was recently brought down upon Sanford Wallace, from which MySpace was awarded $230 million for his spamming ways.