In May, AT&T briefly gave all iPhone users free Wi-Fi only to yank the service a few days later after realizing that, by simply switching the browser user agent to mobile Safari, anyone could get free access. AT&T has ever since been teasing and toying with this idea, with references to the free Wi-Fi again popping up briefly on AT&T's website from time to time and the company offering no comment.

Today websites were filled with news that free Wi-Fi for iPhone users had finally arrived, and with AT&T publishing an entire page for the plan on their website one could only assume it was legit. It seems, however, that the wireless carrier does not have its act together when it comes to this offering and has once again changed its mind. The company claims the notice was published in error, and though it is their intention to make Wi-Fi available to as many customers as possible, they have no announcement to make at this time.