More console sales figures have been released, this time for July, and once again they put Nintendo in a positive light. The Wii and the DS both still continue to sell very well, the DS most of all, selling more units than any other console on the market today. The Wii didn't do as well but came close, selling more than twice the number of PS3s and Xbox 360s, at over a half million.

Unfortunately for Sony, they actually saw a sales dip. July netted them a little over 221 thousand PS3 sales, which gives them a “middle of the road” look. PS3 sales actually went down about 45% compared to last month, but even so they managed to best Microsoft by a small amount.

Depending on the estimates you look at, Nintendo is still enjoying a comfortable lead at nearly 23 million Wiis sold, Microsoft just under 20 million and Sony still floating around the 11 million mark. Sony's “blockbuster” titles really came too late last year and this year, impacting severely their sales. Impulse buy or not, Nintendo's low-cost console continues to impress.