Samsung's upcoming netbook, their first, hasn't had a lot of details revealed until just recently. They have now detailed hardware specifications for the unit, and hints on price have been made available too. The first netbook, due next month, will be 10.2" and equipped with an Atom N270 processor. It'll also be able to have upwards of 160GB of HDD space, something that was just recently made possible by Microsoft's HDD capacity restriction being lifted.

They'll only support up to a gig of RAM, but so far nobody has complained about RAM limitations on netbooks. As mentioned, there aren't any SSD options apparent right now.

This netbook, like so many others, seem to be suffering from the illusion that people will pay the same amount of money for a netbook that they would for a low-end laptop that is going to be more feature-rich. At an estimated price of $550, it seems they along with most netbook manufacturers have lost touch with what the purpose of a netbook is.