One of the big components of the New Xbox Experience that Microsoft showed off at E3 back in July was Xbox Live Primetime, a series of scheduled game shows with a live host where Xbox Live members could compete against one another for real prizes. But while the new interface is till scheduled to launch November 19, it appears that Primetime will now not appear until spring 2009.

Xbox Live Primetime is being developed in conjunction with television production house Endemol, the company behind programs such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, and Fear Factor. Though the service has been somewhat overshadowed by big-name titles such as Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3, it could certainly prove popular among the casual-gaming crowd.

Microsoft officials have described the delay as necessary in order to ensure a smooth launch of the New Xbox Experience. Sadly, this isn't the first feature cut in order for Microsoft to make its self-set deadline, with the company also dropping support for streaming movie sharing.