Apple has had its share of problems in the recent past over their marketing claims that the iPhone 3G is "twice as fast for half the price" of its predecessor, from ads being pulled in the UK to lawsuits being filed against the company for allegedly misleading customers as to what the device is truly capable of.

Sure, many of the complaints levied against the company are questionable (to say the least) but Apple's latest response regarding this particular matter is quite interesting, with the company essentially saying that anyone who takes their ads literally is a fool.

Perhaps they are right to some extent, it's no secret that companies tend to 'stretch the truth' in their advertisings, but when the statement is believable enough (twice as fast, half the price) and supported with a misleading simulated video showing the product in action, you might be pushing it. Apple has already moved to dismiss some of the iPhone 3G lawsuits filed against them, but this one in particular alleging the company falsely advertised the handset's performance is still alive and could be one interesting case to follow.