Problems with Apple's newly redesigned MacBooks continue to crop up. The new laptops, which have already run into problems with the trackpad and have had issues with video performance, are apparently also becoming unstable after being upgraded with third party memory modules - even from reputable vendors like Kingston and Crucial.

Reinstalling the original RAM returns operations to normal, as does purchasing the more expensive memory upgrades from Apple itself, but international users with no access to an Apple store are sadly out of luck. Separately, users are reporting problems with putting the computer to sleep or awaking from sleep, where the notebook will wake up and go back to sleep repeatedly until the battery is dead.

As for the previously reported issues with video performance, The Inquirer claims it has confirmed that the new MacBook Pro's Nvidia 9600M GPU suffers from the same so-called "bad bump" problem that plagued "significant quantities" of their graphic chips earlier this year, triggering recalls of previous MacBook Pros as well as a number of notebooks models by Dell, HP and others. Nvidia of course denies the claims, as this could spell a lot of trouble for them if the investigation proves accurate.