Not long after the courts decided to dismiss Psystar's Antitrust claims against Apple, the "underdog" company has switched tactics. Now dropping some of their riskier assertions of anti-competitive behavior, particularly antitrust issues, Psystar is once again going after Apple on copyright grounds.

Specifically, the company alleges that Apple's EULA is dangerous, due to the company controlling both the software and the hardware, where normally the hardware has little or nothing to do with software EULA. They claim this gives Apple a loophole that allows them to abuse the DMCA and improperly increase the scope of its copyright. In this instance, Psystar is trying to get the courts to say that creating clone Mac hardware doesn't count as a hit against anti-circumvention laws.

Even though Psystar's tactic has changed, their goal is the exactly the same: an injunction against Apple's behavior.