After a bit of speculation regarding Konami's recent teaser about a new Metal Gear game, the company has confirmed that the next title in the series will be appearing on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform - and not as an Xbox 360 port as it was speculated. Dubbed Metal Gear Solid touch, the new game was made official by Konami shortly after information leaked via scans of gaming magazine Famitsu.

According to what little information is available so far, gamers will have access to eight stages initially, with more added in the future through downloadable content. The title is based on the characters and story from Metal Gear Solid 4 and players will naturally be able to control everything through the device's touch screen. Also included with the game are unlockable Metal Gear wallpapers and movies, which players can access by using points that they earn as they clear stages.

Metal Gear Solid touch is due for release in Spring 2009 in North America, Japan and Europe. Along with the announcement, Konami also revealed that Dance Dance Revolution, Silent Hill: The Escape, and Frogger are coming to the iPhone later this month.