Mumbai police to look out for unsecured Wi-Fi connections City policemen will be soon seen roaming in the streets with laptops in their hands in search of unsecured Wi-Fi connections. In an initiative taken by the Mumbai police, in the backdrop of terror mails sent before blasts and terror attacks, policemen will be sent to various locations in the city in search of unsecured Wi-Fi connections. India Times.

Nvidia Targets $99 Netbook With Tegra Chips Tegra-based netbooks could be less than a year away from introduction, Huang said. Incorporating Tegra could also drop the price of netbooks to the sub-$100 range as prices of components have come down. PC World.

Google's new favicon Back in June, we rolled out a new favicon — the small icon that greets you when you access Google on your URL bar or your bookmarks list — and we encouraged our users to submit their ideas for this important piece of Google branding. Google official blog.

New Final Fantasy XIII Details, Website Launched Square Enix has launched an official website for Final Fantasy XIII. At the moment, it contains screenshots, game music, and brief character bios written in Japanese. Final Fantasy XIII site via Slashdot.

Offtopic: Can the new Taurus save Ford, again? Ford Motor Co. will unveil its complete redesign of the car at the auto show in Detroit today, and the company is hoping that the flagship full-size sedan will provide a much-needed sales boost in a competitive sector of the market at a crucial juncture. LA Times.