In addition to releasing the PSP 5.03 firmware today, Sony also made an announcement regarding the next firmware release for the PlayStation 3 console. While not available just yet, the 2.60 firmware update for the PS3 will have several big updates included in it, such as playback support for DivX 3.11 encoded files. They've also added "guest" access to the PlayStation store, which will let people who don't have a PSN account browse what is available on the store.

The biggest update is the inclusion of a photo gallery program, pushing the console more towards Sony's vision of it being a media center, not just a console. This is certainly more exciting than the PSP firmware update. Where they go from here on the PS3 is up to Sony, but it seems logical that their focus may shift more to development of the PSN itself. Sony didn't specify the exact date for the 2.60 firmware release, but in the meantime you can watch a video walkthrough of the update after the break.