Apple greeted its iTunes Store customers with some really good news at CES earlier this month, revealing that the music download service was finally going DRM-free on most - and eventually all - of its catalog. However, praise soon became criticism after it was revealed that not only users had to pay 30 cents to 'upgrade' already-purchased music to DRM-free but also that this was an all or nothing sort of deal.

In other words, rather than letting people select certain songs to strip them of DRM Apple asked customers to upgrade their whole collection, which could amount to a about $60 for someone who has bought a couple hundred songs. Fortunately, it appears that Apple has now bowed to pressure because the iTunes Store is now allowing upgrades to iTunes Plus on a per track or album basis.

Many will still feel (and with reason) that they shouldn't be paying extra for the upgrade, but at least there is now a more convenient way to rid your music files of any restrictions and freely play them in other computers and non-Apple music players.