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Microsoft has Windows 7 surprises up its sleeve At a briefing at Microsoft's London headquarters, the company's Windows OEM manager, Laurence Painell told PC Pro that there will be a "couple of additional, quite major announcements" in the coming weeks. PC Pro.
Also see: Dell touts Windows 7 Beta experience.

Google sees voice search as core Google has said it sees voice search as a major opportunity for the company in building a presence on the mobile web. BBC News.

Radiohead to Testify Against the RIAA Radiohead, the band that made millions of dollars by giving away their music for free, has very little to complain about when it comes to piracy. On the contrary, in a landmark file-sharing case, Radiohead has responded positively to a request to testify against the RIAA. Torrent Freak.

The iPhone Gold Rush Is there a good way to nail down a steady income? In this economy? Try writing a successful program for the iPhone. NY Times.

Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows Free application Portable Ubuntu for Windows runs an entire Linux operating system as a Windows application. As if that weren't cool enough, it's portable, so you can carry it on your thumb drive. Lifehacker.