Dell is hoping to be a leader in the Asian PC market by 2012. In a teleconference with reporters, senior executive Steve Felice said this is not so much a projection as it is an aspiration, adding his believe that it's possible with the help of a healthy economy.

According to research firm IDC, Dell is ranked third in Asia excluding Japan and is behind China's Lenovo and HP, but ahead of Acer and Founder. Despite the desired growth, Felice stressed that the company would focus on balancing it with profitability, commenting on how adversaries such as Lenovo and Acer are currently trying to push an absent demand.

Dell saw a 20% revenue drop in Asia during the first quarter from the previous year, as large companies cut back on technology spending. While business expenditure is down, consumer figures grew in China and India. China in particular is embarking on stimulus strategies which should encourage the consumption of electronic goods. Felice noted that in light of the stimulus efforts, the company has seen some traction in the health care and education sectors.

He didn't specify much in the way of job cuts, but said although staff had been reduced in certain areas; it was still expecting overall employee growth in Asia. Dell's shares have seen about a 12% rise so far this year, outperforming a 4% decline on the Dow Jones share index.