Those persistent rumors about an Apple netbook/tablet style device are doing the rounds once again, this time actually point out a release date and expected price point. The latest reports emerged from China’s InfoTimes, which claims three of Apple’s manufacturing partners — Foxconn, Wintek and Dynapack — have received orders related to the device in advance of an October launch. The device will reportedly sell for around $800.

Wintek was said to be supplying screens to Apple when the first round of rumors started, while Foxconn is said to have been picked for building the tablet thanks to its existing involvement in building the iPhone. Exact specifications for the much rumored device weren’t mentioned. Apple has openly complained of poor netbook hardware from rivals, including small screens and keyboards. The Wintek display would actually be somewhat in line with what others are currently offering at 9.7-inches, but it's unclear whether Apple will try to improve on the keyboard or scrap it altogether for a touch-only design.

The so-called Apple Media Pad (or whatever it ends up being named) was rumored to make an appearance at the WWDC back in June, but failed to materialize. The latest rumors suggest an announcement could be made in or around September, when Apple is also expected to unveil a revamped iPod lineup.