Microsoft has filed suit (PDF) in a Seattle court and with the ITC against British gaming accessories maker Datel for patent infringement. Redmond claims the peripheral company stole various design patents from the Xbox 360 controller.

At first glance, Datel's $30 TurboFire and $50 WildFire controllers obviously bear much resemblance to Microsoft's Xbox 360 gamepad, though minor aesthetics do vary. To be fair, plenty of other companies have similar clones, but they must have more than just trivial differences.

There are numerous patents in question, including D521,015, D522,011, D547,763, D581,422, D563,480, and D565,688 -- most of which touch on the controller's front design and button layout. It doesn't seem that any internal workings of the device are a part of the suit.

Microsoft seeks an undisclosed amount of damages, as well as an injunction against the infringing products. This comes concurrently with the company's failed appeal in the i4i patent case. Displeased with its loss, Microsoft may bring the matter before the Supreme Court.