Vizio has already made a name for itself in the HDTV market by offering high-end features at reasonable price points. Now the company is making the jump into the smartphone and tablet markets, and hopes to bring the same philosophy to these segments by tapping Google's increasingly popular Android platform. Known as the Via Tablet and Via Phone, both devices will be showcased at CES sporting 1GHz processors, front and back cameras while likely running Honeycomb.

Vizio's smartphone will have a 4-inch screen and a full assortment of connectivity options, including 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS, HDMI and microSD slots - though it's unclear which cellular networks will be supported. We're not sure if the tablet will have any built-in 3G capabilities, but it promises an 8-inch high-resolution screen, three speakers, Wi-Fi and HDMI out. The new products will also tie into Vizio's upcoming Google TV-powered devices, which the company is branding as Via Plus, allowing access to services like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and a new Vizio On Demand movie service.

Also in store from them is a new line affordable 3D TVs starting under $300 with sizes ranging from 22 to 71 inches. There's been no official word on pricing for the Via Phone and Tablet so far, but the company's chief technology officer Matthew McRae recently mentioned that there's a big gap in the market for "people that can't afford an iPad or whatever else," which suggests that the tablet will be priced below Apple's competing device.