AMD's new Fusion APUs have appeared in a number of mobile systems over the last few weeks, but most have been netbook-sized machines. Toshiba's taking the path less traveled today, launching its full size 15.6-inch Satellite C655D notebook with AMD's 1.5GHz single-core E-240 APU. Yeah, yeah, before you knock the single-core chip, it should provide enough muscle to tackle everyday tasks, while the built-in graphics core supports 1080p video and DirectX 11 3D.

That's plenty of horsepower for a system aimed at the sub-$400 market ($398 starting price), which practically puts the machine in direct competition with the various 11.6-inch Fusion systems we've seen. There's not much else to tell about the C655D. It weighs about 5.5 pounds, gets about six hours of battery life, supports up to 4GB of RAM, and ships with 320GB of storage as well as a DVD drive. No word on availability yet, but it should begin shipping soon enough