Thanks to some armchair detective work from eager gamers it's come to light that a trademark application for Fallout 4 has been filed in Europe. The registration was spotted on the website for the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Markets, which handles all of the official trademark business for the European Union. 

Just because a game's title is trademarked does not mean that an impending release is on the horizon, but a second clue suggests that we may be getting a Fallout 4 announcement sooner rather than later. Just days ago on November 14th, IGN reported that a "teaser" website had been discovered by some Reddit users. This website doesn't point directly to Fallout 4, nor does it contain any screenshots or hints that it is a dedicated source for the upcoming title. The only solid clue we have that points to a potential Fallout 4 release is the fact that the domain is registered to ZeniMax Media, which is Bethesda's parent company. 

The website, dubbed "Survivor 2299," is very basic in design, showcasing a countdown timer set against a stark black background, with a snippet of Morse code looping endlessly. Reddit users have suggested that the Morse code is counting down to December 11th, which matches up exactly to the website's countdown clock. 

It will be very interesting to see if December 11th is in fact the day we see Fallout 4 revealed, or perhaps this website is dedicated to another ZeniMax project.