Qualcomm, well known for its popular mobile processor design, is now set to launch its Toq smartwatch device early next month. At this point, it looks as though the company will sell the device directly through its website, without the help of additional retail partners.

Back in September Qualcomm began taking preorders on its smartwatch, and now the company has announced that Toq would be made available as of December 2 for $350, along with a companion app through the Google Play Store.

While Toq will speak with Android devices via Bluetooth, it runs its own light-weight OS along with Qualcomm's low energy screen technology, Mirasol. One of the most unique aspects of the device, Mirasol tech allows for the display to be viewed in direct sunlight as well as being able to produce a picture quality suitable for video.

Beyond that, the Toq features no buttons, a clasp housed battery to attempt a slimmer profile, and will take in messages, emails, reminders and things of that nature from your smartphone. Qualcomm has also said that there could be iOS support in the future, but there has been no further announcements at this time. If you haven't seen the product introduction video, you can do so below.

Qualcomm has already said there will only be a limited run of the Toq, as its focused more towards showcasing the company's technology. The site currently has it listed as "coming soon," but allowing those interested to sign up for email alerts.