Apple's latest mobile operating system is now on three out of four mobile devices in North America according to the latest analytics data by Chitika. That's an impressive feat when you consider the OS was released just shy of three months ago.

Chitika gathered statistics between October 25 and November 18 based on ad impressions served to iOS devices. In a blog post earlier this week, the advertising firm said it is very likely that iOS 7 will continue to substantially outpace iOS 6 adoption, which reached 83 percent after being available for around six months.

Similarly, Apple's own iOS developer site also shows 74 percent adoption based on the seven days leading up to December 1 as measured by the App Store.

iOS 7 adoption skyrocketed in the first week as some 50 percent of devices installed the update but since then, growth has been a bit slower. Even still, 74 percent adoption rate is solid in comparison to just 22 percent adoption rate of iOS 6 in the US and Canada.

Bragging rights are only half of the equation, however. With more people using a given operating system, developers will be more willing to code for a given platform. That's even more important for iOS 7 as the massive overhaul brought with it a totally new visual experience and some nifty new developer tools.

iOS 7 is available as an upgrade for the iPhone 4 and newer, the iPad 2 and newer, both iPad minis and the fifth generation iPod touch.