Looks like health is the new battleground for tech companies. Samsung, which recently released two smart watches and an activity tracker, has sent out invitations for a health-related event scheduled to take place in San Francisco on May 28.

The invitation, which was sent by the company's semiconductor arm, reveals little about the event apart from saying "a new conversation around health is about to begin".

Speculation is that the South Korean company could launch some health-related apps for its smartphones or a Gear Fit-type wearable device, or, as Engadget reports, the event could also be related to forthcoming sensors and components that can monitor vital stats.

Considering the timing of the event, which falls mere days before rival Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, there are also rumors that the company would be launching something on the lines of the rumored Apple's fitness tracking HealthBook app for iOS 8.

The app is reportedly capable of monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and blood sugar, as well as track your bloodwork, hydration, physical activity, nutrition, and sleep. Although there are apps out there in the market that provide some of these features, HealthBook is expected to combine them all in a single mobile interface.