Google has updated its Glass hardware just ahead of this year's I/O conference in San Francisco. The revised eyewear now includes twice as much RAM at 2GB as well as a larger battery and improved firmware that combine to keep the wearable running 15 percent longer.

Glass product manager Steve Lee said the extra memory will allow for more Glassware apps to run in parallel and that each app will load faster. Overall, the entire experience will generally feel a bit faster and more reliable.

Truth be told, the larger battery started shipping with new units back in March but it didn't offer any improvement without the software update.

Elsewhere, Google has also added a viewfinder to make framing photos easier. The software update additionally includes two new Google Now cards: one to remind you where you parked your car and another to let you know when packages are headed your way.

All of these changes, Google said, are a result of customer feedback and highlight the importance of having such an extended public beta program.

As you could probably have guessed, the revised version of Glass is only being made available to those that purchase the device today and moving forward. That means that current Glass owners won't be able to exchange their headsets for the newer model, a service that was offered with the previous hardware refresh last fall.