Sony's PlayStation 4 was slated to go on sale in China starting January 11 but that's no longer in the cards. Due to "various factors" and "current circumstances", the launch has been delayed according to multiple media reports.

A company source in China told Reuters that continued negotiations with Chinese authorities were one of the reasons for the delay.

A separate report from CNBC seems to corroborate the delay. A Sony spokesperson told the publication via e-mail that they've been putting great effort toward introducing PlayStation products in the Chinese market. They've been cooperating with the Chinese government and various business partners to make it happen on January 11 but authorities have come forward, leading them to require more time to make final adjustments.

China enacted a ban on foreign video game consoles in 2000 due to concerns regarding the influence violent and mature games could have on Chinese youth. Said ban stood until just last year, paving the way for rival Microsoft to launch its Xbox One in the country this past September.

Even with the ban lifted, Chinese authorities still have a strong command over the gaming industry. When the Xbox One went on sale, for example, only 10 games were available locally. Many of the industry's top titles like Halo, Destiny and Call of Duty were absent due to their violent nature.

A new sale date for the PlayStation 4 has not yet been determined.