While backers of Mighty No. 9, the Mega Man-inspired game that raised well over $3.8 million on Kickstarter in late 2013, are still waiting for that title to ship, design studio Comcept is already turning its attention to its next big project.

Red Ash is the title of the new project which technically, is two projects under one umbrella and consists of a video game and an anime project. The idea is that they're based in separate yet parallel worlds that will give creators on both sides the freedom to tell their own story.

The game project is once again being led by Keiji Inafune who served as the illustrator and co-designer of Mega Man during his time at Capcom. We also know that Masahiro Yasuma will direct the project alongside Kazushi Ito who will serve as art director.

The anime project, we're told, will be developed by Studio 4℃.

The team said the primary goal of Red Ash is to tell a story on a grand scale. In fact, all of the primary concepts have already been decided including the overall plot, historical background and even the final ending scene. Unfortunately, fulfilling this entire vision wouldn't be possible with funds from Kickstarter which is why they're creating a prologue chapter called "The KalKanon Incident."

It's this project that'll be used as a jumping-on point for the franchise to give gamers an idea of what to expect.

A pledge of $25 is what's needed to guarantee a digital copy of the game, estimated to ship in July 2017. More than $256,000 of the $800,000 goal has already been raised for the game (there's a separate campaign for the anime film) and with 27 days to go, there's a good chance it'll reach its funding goal.