Meet the Avy Smart Speaker, an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker and Android touchscreen that offers the full audio experience you've been waiting for from a smartphone or tablet. Pick it up now in the TechSpot Store for 15% off its regular price.

We've all been hunched over a handheld device watching a video, yet straining desperately to hear the barely-there, overwhelmingly tinny audio. The Avy speaker solves that - just sync it up to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, then start streaming music, video or anything else you'd usually play from your favorite apps like YouTube and Netflix. Except now, you're getting richer sound from the Avy's 2x5W stereo speakers.

Want to use Skype? No problem. The Avy features a front-facing camera and built-in mic. It's lightweight, rechargeable (7 hours on a single charge) and comes with a remote to control the party from across the room.

The Avy can be yours for the low price of $169.99 – so jump on this deal quick.