Apple users will see yet another iOS update sometime this fall but Apple is changing up their development strategy a bit. Instead of focusing on delivering a constant stream of new features as fast as possible, Bloomberg says the company will be taking their time with future iOS updates, starting with what will likely be dubbed iOS 12.

Instead of "keeping engineers on a relentless annual schedule and cramming features into a single update," Apple will give their engineers the green light to push back features they don't feel are quite ready for upcoming iOS updates. Apple hopes this approach will lead to a more refined, bug-free experience for their customers and a less taxing environment for engineers.

One source close to the situation told Bloomberg, "This change is Apple beginning to realize that schedules are not being hit [and] stuff is being released with bugs." The source claims these things didn't happen when Apple was a smaller company with fewer customers to appease.

However, pushing back major features for later updates doesn't mean iOS 12 won't bring anything new to the table. Quite the opposite - the update will reportedly launch with a "universal app system" that should allow apps to work on all Apple devices (iPhones, iPads and Macs), a "revamped stock-trading app," Animoji support within FaceTime and an updated search view that "leans more heavily on Siri," Ars Technica says.

This new approach to developing products sounds good on paper but only time will tell if Apple can pull it off long term.