Netgear VZSX2800 VueZone




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If you can get past the dubious frame rates and live with a resolution of 640 pixels, the VueZone VZSX2800 is actually a pretty cool system. We love how easy it is to set up, and the fact you can keep adding more cameras when your budget allows makes...

By TechRadar AU on 50

There's a lot of promise here, and some folks at Netgear have obviously cared about this product. Some of our concerns are fixable, either with software updates or by tweaking the business plan. If you really can't use mains-powered network cameras, at...

By on 50

Simple to setup, but quality is poor and features are very...

By on 80

With the recession of the past few years and more and more people having highly visible large screen TVs and other expensive electronics, the modern house is increasingly becoming a lucrative and at times easy target for burglaries. House alarms are all...

By eTeknix on

“In principle the VueZone wire-free camera system is a great product and it has the potential to go a long way, but with yesterday's image quality and the potential loss of users due to wireless coverage, Netgear have got some tweaking and tuning to do...

By on

Online, you can set your cameras up to take snapshots or video. There are quality options such as 640×480 and 1600×1200 in time lapse. Personally, I used 1600×1200 in time lapse cause it takes the best quality and covers so much area.The VueZone cameras...

By Computerworld on

Whether you feel the need to keep an eye out for intruders at home, keep tabs on the baby in the other room or just want to see what your pets are doing when you're not around, cloud security cameras can help. These cameras offer more flexibility than...

International Review By on

Из-за отсутствия возможности постоянной трансляции и записи Netgear VueZone нельзя считать полноценной системой видеонаблюдения, но для обычных бытовых нужд проверки помещений или двора она может быть гораздо удобнее более дорогих стационарных систем....