Reviewers Liked

  • Slimmer and a little lighter than most compact super-zooms, Sensible resolution means better than average low-light quality, 1080p video, slow motion at QVGA and miniature effect at 720p, Handheld Night Scene mode greatly reduces noise at high ISOs
  • Plenty of functionality, decent in controlling noise
  • Solid build quality, Great HD videos, Impressive low light performance
  • Compact for a highzoom camera, Great modes for highspeed shooting, Extremely easy to use, Creative modes that mimic tiltshift, isolate colors, Good macro performance
  • Lots of shooting modes available, ISO performance is strong through all levels, Images at the full 10x optical zoom are excellent

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No wide-angle lens, Bright chromatic aberration at both ends of the zoom, HD video can be noisy, Smart Auto not as good in low light, Smart Auto avoids flash at times when it's necessary, Not enough external controls, Poor battery life, Somewhat slow
  • Over saturated images, sluggish focusing
  • Low resolution LCD, Slow autofocus
  • Disappointing image quality, Maximum aperture is f/3.4, No manual controls for shutter and aperture, Lens skimps on the wideangle end (36mm), Overpowering builtin flash, Poor battery life
  • Poor battery life, Potentially ugly brown color
  • Body color is problematic, very short battery life, screen should be better
  • Buttons on back don't match the quality of the rest of the camera body, Navigating through camera menus can be confusing, Zoom is difficult to control