Editors Liked

  • Good photo quality up to ISO 200; easy to operate
  • Easy to use, Perfect Touch feature fixes poorly lit shots
  • Easy to use; Perfect Touch improves poorly lit shots
  • Camera is extremely easy to use, menu structure is simple and efficient, Closeup focus is very good for shooting text, Good value for beginning photographers at less than $200, Panorama mode works very well, Image quality is pretty good across the board

Editors Didn't Like

  • Cheap feel; no optical image stabilization; narrow lens compared to the competition; noticeable photo quality drop-off at ISO 400
  • Shutter and zoom lag a bit, Limited manual controls, No HD video shooting
  • Shutter and zoom lag a bit; limited manual controls; no HD video shooting
  • Shutter lag is poor with flash and in low light, Shot to shot delays are below average, LCD can be a little tough to see in sunlight, No separate charger included; must charge the battery inside the camera