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By examiner.com on 100

This column is moving up in the photography world with the first Leica model shown here; The LEICA C (Type 112) which is the first in their new compact size range launched a year ago.The features for the Leica C include;It has the shape and size of a...

By PhotographyBLOG on 80

Picture the scene. You've made it in life. You've got the Rolex on your wrist, the Montblanc in your pocket and the Bentley parked in the villa's garage. But you'll need something to capture this elite lifestyle, and it better look the part too. This...

By ePHOTOzine on 80

The Leica C delivers good images, with bright saturated colours, along with a whole host of features, including excellent Wi-Fi control and sharing. The compact body fits neatly into your pocket, and despite the small size feels well built with quick...

By dxomark.com on

With the stabilized zoom and EVF it's an appealing camera but while the Leica C is a good performer it struggles in comparison with similarly priced, albeit larger sensor rivals, particularly in low light and at high ISO settings. As a compact camera...

By The Imaging Resource on

New, optional accessories for the Leica C include, the Leica-C Clutch, which is a clutch handbag with a carry strap; the Leica C-Twist, which is a wrap-around case that attached to the tripod thread on the camera; the Leica C-Snap, which is a hard...

International Review By zoom.nl on 74

Leica pikt al een tijdje een graantje mee van de modellen van Panasonic. Toen Panasonic een high-end compactcamera uitbracht, kon Leica niet lang achter blijven. Nu introduceren ze de nieuwe Leica C.Deze Leica C heeft dezelfde specificaties als de...

International Review By kr.wsj.com on

누구나 한 번쯤 겪었을 법한 슬픈 스토리가 있다. 작가 정신을 발휘해보겠다며 주말 여행에 무거운 카메라를 낑낑대고 메고 간다. 집에 돌아온 후에 카메라에 저장된 멋진 사진을 업로드하는 것을 깜빡한다. 내가 찍은 훌륭한 사진이 좀 늦게 올라간들 어떠랴, 라고 생각하는 동안, 같이 여행 간 친구들이 스마트폰으로 찍은 사진으로 페이스북을 이미 도배해버렸다.이런 연유로 디지털 카메라는 위기를 맞았다. 카메라영상제품협회(CIPA)에 따르면 2010년 이후 전...

International Review By digitalfoto.dk on

Det er første gang nogensinde, at et kamera med det forjættede Leica-logo ikke ligger langt over konkurrenterne rent prismæssigt, men det nye Leica C er denne gang billigere end Sony RX100 II, og tilmed følger Lightroom 5 i fuld version med...

International Review By Digital Foto for Alla on

Leica C är en kompakt resekamera med 7,1x optisk zoom, vilket motsvarar en brännvidd på 28–200 mm. Modellen har elektronisk sökare för de situationer då det är svårt att använda skärmen som sökare. Därtill kommer att detta är den första...

International Review By ferra.ru on

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