Reviewers Liked

  • Battery life, Captures moments otherwise missed, Security
  • Easy to setup and use, Automatically snaps a picture every 30 seconds
  • Great, fun concept and a cute little capture device, Captures images every thirty seconds or on command
  • Built in Accelerometer and Magnetometer, Cloudderived functionality
  • Alwayson camera logs your daily events by taking shots every 30 seconds. Get a flipbook of your day on your phone. Individual photos can be pulled out and shared. Tiny, unobtrusive size. Captures magic moments that otherwise would not have been taken

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Lowlight performance, No way to shut it off manually, Quality picture return rate
  • Have to sync images with a computer using a USB cable, Syncing is slow, Requires a monthly subscription to their cloud service
  • Short battery life, Pricey, Turns off without my knowing it, Clunky interface requires a computer and a smartphone app
  • Cover hinge on microUSB slot flimsy
  • No video. People get uncomfortable knowing their every movement is being photographed. Saves literally thousands of shots, many worthless, to your hard drive. $280 price tag is expensive