Reviewers Liked

  • Fast lens; color; sharpness; battery life
  • The Nikon Coolpix P300 has a nice lens, shooting modes for every kind of user, a solid design, and it's easy to use
  • Good HD video recording; great LCD screen; fast continuous shooting speed for its class; good low-light photos
  • Manual controls & modes, Excellent lowlight image quality, HDR shooting, Full 1080p video
  • Excellent lowlight photos, Manual aperture and shutter controls, Bright F1.8 lens, Great features for the price
  • Small size, dual rotational wheels for ease of use, bright aperture at wideangle, 1080p HD movie setting
  • Approachable/Easy to use, Bright, vivid, appealing photos, Excellent LCD
  • Features, Handling, Performance, Verdict, Specification
  • Fast lens on the wide end of the zoom (f/1.8), Very wide 24mm equiv. is great for landscape and indoor shots, AF illuminator effective in low light, Relatively simple operational ergonomics provide high level of manual control, USB charging is convenient

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Noise at ISO 400 Share & EnjoyShareTweet Author: Chris Main
  • The P300's photos look overprocessed when viewed at full size, and performance feels a bit slow
  • No spot metering; no RAW image capture; some images affected by over-processing
  • No RAW shooting, Poor lowlight video quality, Less than average battery life
  • No manual focus, No RAW shooting mode
  • No hotshoe, standardsized 1/2.3in compact sensor, lack of control buttons, no manual focus
  • Small sensor limits image quality, No RAW, No display, ISO, or WB controls
  • Normal sized sensor, lacks RAW support, Quite chunky with rectangular corners, Lacks orientation sensor (Auto-rotation not built in)
  • No 'quick' menu for commonly-accessed shooting settings, No control over noise reduction/sharpening, At 100%, even low ISO images look 'crunchy' due to noise reduction and sharpening, No direct access to ISO or White Balance (you have to g