Editors Liked

  • Good automated and manual controls, 36X zoom with 22.5mm wideangle, Highspeed movie and burst modes, Very good image quality, Very good image quality
  • Superb handling, excellent build quality, impressive images on occasion
  • Impressive zoom range, from 22.5 to 810mm equivalent, Two zoom controls for more user choice, Small, light, attractive body, Improved grip, Backside illuminated sensor, 1080p movie mode with optical zoom, Stereo audio recording for videos, AF-assist la
  • Good color reproduction and image quality, good 1080p video recording, superb LCD display, 36x optical zoom, rugged build, ergonomics, hybrid image stabilization, auto-bracketing
  • Solid design; overflowing with photo and movie features; fast shooting performance for its class

Editors Didn't Like

  • No RAW shooting, Stabilization struggles at full telephoto, Stabilization struggles at full telephoto, Slightly soft images
  • Sensor-shift stabilization not as good as OIS, Battery only rated for 220 shots, Awkward placement for burst key, Uses AC adaptor charging
  • Pin cushioning at wide angle, limited tonal range
  • It's easy to accidentally activate the side zoom control, extending the lens inadvertently, Charging via USB makes charging a spare more difficult, since the camera does the charging, and it's unavailable while charging is in process, Too many wil
  • Bulky. Expensive for a pointandshoot camera
  • Bulky. Expensive for a point-and-shoot camera
  • Average image quality, No RAW, Disappointing video quality
  • Noise at ISO 400 and higher, image quality could have been better, lowest ISO 160, no automatic panorama stitch mode
  • Photo and video quality is very soft at high ISOs and in low-light conditions; Lacks raw support and auto picture rotation