Editors Liked

  • Overall image quality (specifically AWB system); Light yet sturdy; Excellent LCD
  • Great image quality, Good lowlight performance, Shoots in camera RAW, 3" flip LCD, Several builtin effects and filters including ND, Supports external flash and mic, GPS
  • Fast lens, 7.1X zoom lens—more telephoto power than most advanced compact cameras, Excellent image quality, New CMOS sensor for full HD video, Interval Timer Shooting, Good dynamic range
  • Excellent control layout, 7,1x zoom lens, Fast aperture lens, Very good high ISO performance, Hot shoe
  • Excellent build quality, Numerous controls, Good in low light, Excellent movie quality
  • Simpler, more original camera design, faster to use overall, nice, new 7x zoom lens with maximum f/2 aperture at the wide end, finally offers full 1080p HD video shooting, gorgeous, highresolution, sideswiveling, 3inch LCD screen
  • Sleeker, new design makes camera more compact and less reminiscent of competitor's models, Excellent 3-inch LCD vari-angle screen flips out to the left, letting you compose images from difficult angles, New 7.1x (28-200mm equivalent) zoom lens is bri
  • Bright f2 - f4 28-200mm zoom, 1080p30 video, plus slow and fast modes, Wide range of physical controls, High degree of customisation, Versatile auto bracketing, Excellent image quality
  • Great lens sharpness, Low image noise, Excellent retention of image details, Reliable metering, Nicely saturated but natural colors, Impressive image stabilization, Fast AF in good light, Short shutterlag, Good ergonomics, Generally sturdy, Unique bright

Editors Didn't Like

  • Raw write times; Auto AF area not always as intuitive as required
  • Slow performance, No movie recording button, No viewfinder
  • Performance over the P7100 could be improved even more, especially for autofocus, No optical viewfinder, Zoom doesn't work in Custom Movie Mode
  • Lens is a tad soft at f/2, Slow shot-to-shot time, No optical viewfinder or EVF option
  • Problem with on/off button, Slow to shut down, Delay in begining recording of movies, Occasional overexposure outdoors
  • Still has some performance issues particularly when shooting RAW images, mediocre focus performance in bad lighting, no optical viewfinder, average lowlight performance for a camera in this class, Price: $499, www.nikon.com
  • No more optical viewfinder, which some photographers will miss, Lens no longer protected by built-in shutters so you'll have to use lens cap; lens frequently smudges, High barrel distortion at wide angle (though can be corrected automatically), Lens pr
  • No viewfinder, Poor continuous shooting performance, Slow buffer write times, Poor menu design, No built-in Wifi or GPS
  • Slow AF near telephoto, Slow shottoshot speed, Selftimer resets entering Playback, Not ExposurePriority, LiveHistogram not often accurate, Blank LCD during continuous drive, Weak LCD hinge, Not FocusPriority, Very slow video zoom, 1s video record delay