Reviewers Liked

  • Features, Handling, Performance, Verdict, Specification
  • Excellent image sharpness, well built, impressive movie quality
  • Very good image quality, HDR shooting mode, 1080p video, Compact, sleek design
  • Excellent shooting performance; great LCD; stereo mic; 10x zoom in an attractive compact body

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Few manual options, No grid lines, No dedicated battery charger, Output compartment door seems flimsy, Charging port is difficult to reach, Below-average battery life, Hard-to-reach on/off button, Soft corners at wide-angle, Bright chromatic aberration
  • Some corner softness, Does not stitch photos in-camera
  • Lack of manual controls
  • No manual adjustments, Videos can be shaky, Limited battery life
  • Soft photos on either side of ISO 200; white balance is a little off; no manual or semimanual shooting modes