Editors Liked

  • Reliably good image quality up to ISO 800, usable (just) up to ISO 3200, Accurate metering and focus, Good JPEG resolution (though stick to raw for best results), Fast and responsive in use, Good ergonomics all around, excellent build quality, nice handli
  • Good value, variety of MFT lenses available
  • Looks and feels like a miniSLR. Lightweight and easy to use with one hand. Comfy tactile finish and good ergonomics. A credible, beginner, interchangeablelens camera. Dedicated iA button for nobrainer shooting
  • D-SLR image quality. Camcorder-like 720p30 HD video recording. SDXC card support
  • Fastest in its class thus far; well-built; intelligent design for enthusiasts, with lots of direct-access controls
  • Price, Good Image Quality, Lightweight

Editors Didn't Like

  • Poor EVF compared to G1/GH1/G2, No automatic EVF/LCD switch, Fixed LCD screen, Out-of-camera JPEG color not as appealing as best competitors, New kit lens not as good as predecessor, Image quality at ISO 3200 poor, ISO 6400 verging on the unusable, High I
  • No frills, high ISO image quality
  • Pointless electronic viewfinder. Decidedly average autofocusing in lowlight conditions
  • Poor low-light performance (images are noisy above ISO 800). Microphone picks up lens noise during video capture. Proprietary USB cable
  • Mediocre EVF; no dedicated record button; overly noisy JPEG photos
  • Poor ISO performance, Slow AF performance in lowlight, Purple fringing in highcontrast scenes