Reviewers Liked

  • Fast autofocus, Touchfocus controls for video and stills, Very small for an interchangeablelens camera
  • Excellent build, Fast, responsive AF, “iA” offers some degree of control
  • The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 delivers excellent performance for its class, in a relatively compact, comfortable design with a streamlined, usable touch-screen interface implementation
  • Interchangeable lenses, Very compact body for a Micro Four Thirds camera -- nearing Sony NEX territory, but with a built-in flash, Prominent front-panel grip makes for more comfortable hand-holding, 3-inch LCD is very sharp with good resolution (460K-d
  • Very sharp autofocus, Extremely easy to use, Small camera body can be used onehanded, LCD is sharp and touch screen is handy, Nice design, and four body colors is nice for an advanced camera
  • Compact body and lens. Simple to use. Good image quality. Minimal shutter lag. Fast autofocus. Variety of HD video recording formats. Responsive touch screen. Stereo audio recording
  • Size, design, HD video

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Underexposed images in Auto mode, Touchscreen is ineffective for some controls
  • Dated and cluttered interface, lacks manual video control, Relatively average image quality
  • Panasonic's JPEG processing remains subpar for this class of camera, and the GF2's inability to lock the focus area from accidental screen presses--a flaw of all the company's touch-screen ILCs--remains a huge point of frustration. It also has
  • Orange and yellow shifted to green in JPEGs, Demosaicing errors in fine detail such as hair, High ISO performance hasn't improved over predecessor, Lowest NR setting still blurs fine detail at low ISOs, 14mm has poor macro performance, and high geomet
  • A viewfinder would be nice in some circumstances, Camera can be uncomfortable to hold when popup flash is extended, Maximum resolution only available in 4:3 ratio, LCD can be a little tough to see in bright sunlight, Advanced photographers will want more
  • Low-light performance isn't as good as some competitors. Image sensor is not true APS-C size. Proprietary USB port
  • No viewfinder, no physical mode dial