Reviewers Liked

  • Long zoom lens, GPS, Good high ISO performance, 1080p60 video capture
  • Megazoom range in a compact camera, Nano surface coated optics, Full HD video at up to 60p, Great grip for a small camera, GPS location recording, Touchscreen controls help in darkness, HDR and Hand Held Night Shot Scene modes, PASM exposure modes, Sha
  • Good image quality, Fast AF performance, Manual controls
  • The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 has an excellent design and feature set, including an ultrawide-angle 20x zoom lens, GPS, and semimanual and manual shooting modes, as well as fast shooting performance and improved low-light photo quality from previous ver

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Softer images, Slow to start and shoot
  • Noticeable barrel distortion at wide angle, Moderate but bright chromatic aberration, Low-contrast image areas are plagued by noise and noise suppression, Disappointing print quality, Flash is too close to the grip, Aspect ratios accessed only in the l
  • Battery charges in camera, Monitor somewhat dim, No memory card formatting in iA mode
  • Using all of the ZS20's high-performance features, such as its near-pointless touch screen, can really cut into battery life. Also, photos are noisy and soft when viewed at 100 percent