Reviewers Liked

  • Autofocus under extreme conditions; continuous shooting; video
  • Very good image quality, Weather resistant, "Flagship" featured camera at a prosumer camera cost, In body stabilization compatible with any Pentax lens, Relatively small and light given overall feature set
  • Excellent build; Large viewfinder; Very capable AWB; Impressive lowlight AF; Reliable metering; Decent customisation and postprocessing options; Lower launch price than K5; Weathersealing
  • Excellent viewfinder. Fast 6.2fps shooting. Good high ISO performance. Weather-sealed design. In-body shake reduction. Compact for its class. Excellent control layout
  • Excellent control over image noise, Very good image sharpness, Superb dynamicrange, Natural image colors, Generally fast and responsive, Good focusing accuracy, Effective stabilization for all lenses, Unique Automatic Horizon Correction, Unique Compositio
  • Good detail and dynamic range (even better in Raw), Very low shadow noise in Raw files at low ISOs, One of the best APS-C DSLRs in terms of high ISO image quality, Very good build quality and handling, Maximum ISO of 51,200 at full resolution, Excellent burst depth in Raw mode (with firmware 1.0.1), 1080p HD video mode with basic editing built-in, Useful electronic level and composition adjustm

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • LCD clarity Share & EnjoyTweet Author: daniel m. east
  • No continuous autofocus in video mode, Live view/video a bit slow to initiate following selection of video mode, Video clip length in full HD video less than six minutes, Shooting mode dial lock button/turning a bit awkward, Might be too small for large h
  • Fiddly flash sync cover; Noisy 1855mm kit lens with softness at wideangle and chromatic aberrations; Awkward focus point selection dial; Not a significant improvement over the K5
  • Disappointing video experience
  • Noticeable image review delay, Slow incamera corrections, Pitch not shown in OVF, Poor LiveView, OVF and LiveView metering differ slightly, LCD too left, Status screen does not turn off automatically, Camera strap gets in way of modedial
  • No dedicated movie shooting button, No AF during movie shooting, Poorly implemented live histogram in live view/manual exposure mode (doesn't indicate final exposure), No 'live' aperture control during movie shooting, Shadow Correction mode doesn't take full advantage of K-5's sensor, Jaggies and color error can be a problem along very fine diagonal lines (more so with the K-5 IIS), Noise proce