Reviewers Liked

  • Improved autofocus over the K5, option of a model without an antialiasing filter 
  • Sharper, more detailed images than from the K-5 II, Relatively modest price increase compared to the standard model, Widely available online and at Pentax retailers, ...and everything else we praised about the K-5 II
  • No low-pass filter. Excellent viewfinder. Fast 6.2fps shooting. Good high ISO performance. Weather-sealed design. In-body shake reduction. Compact for its class. Excellent control layout
  • Excellent control over image noise, Classleading retention of details, Superb dynamicrange, Natural image colors, Generally fast and responsive, Good focusing accuracy, Effective stabilization for all lenses, Unique Automatic Horizon Correction, Unique Co

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Continuous burst rate seemed lower than the claimed 7 frames per second, if you're used to a fullframe sensor, you won't find it here
  • Prone to moiré, aliasing, and false color, Moiré can be challenging to correct manually if it occurs, Unless you review your images very carefully in the field, you may not notice issues until it's too late to reshoot, Demands pricey, hig
  • Disappointing video experience
  • Noticeable image review delay, Slow incamera corrections, Pitch not shown in OVF, Poor LiveView, OVF and LiveView metering differ slightly, LCD too left, Status screen does not turn off automatically, Camera strap gets in way of modedial