Reviewers Liked

  • Fast continuous shooting, In-body shake reduction, High-resolution rear LCD
  • Relatively compact body with good control layout, Very good high ISO performance, ISOs up to 25,600, Much better color accuracy than the K-x at default settings, 3-inch hi-resolution (921K dot) LCD, Optional lens distortion and CA correction, Excellent
  • Excellent image quality, Simple interface, Thorough feature set, Good high ISO performance
  • Good lowmid ISO image quality
  • Great value for the money, Very good photo quality (especially with a decent lens), with good high ISO performance, Solid, welldesigned body, in your choice of colors, Sensorshift image stabilization brings shake reduction to nearly all Pentax lenses, 3in
  • Very high image quality, Fun incamera creative options, Fast AF and continuous shooting
  • Handles beautifully, High quality construction, Fast and responsive, Excellent colour, Low noise, Quality of lenses, Backwards compatibility with lenses
  • Good detail and color in JPEGs at base ISO, Good high ISO performance, Compact dimensions for a DSLR, ISO range up to ISO 25600, 6.0 frames per second continuous shooting is class-leading, Option to use AA batteries (with optional adapter), Decent Live Vi

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Small viewfinder, Poor kit lens, No autofocus during video
  • Mediocre kit lens, Below average battery life, Autofocus struggles in low light, Subtle NR applied to high ISO RAW files which can't be disabled, High ISO NR has trouble with low-contrast areas in the red channel, Contrast setting impacts saturation
  • No depthoffield preview button, LCD screen must be turned off and on manually
  • No video autofocus
  • Tends to underexpose and clip highlights, Some redeye; no removal tool in playback mode, 1855 mm kit lens is soft around the edges, has moderate barrel distortion and purple fringing, and some vignetting too, Sluggish contrast detect AF in live view, Can&
  • Poor video implementation, Sometimes erratic control dial, Lacks HDMI
  • No weather sealing, No lenshood provided
  • Outdated Motion JPEG format produces very large movie files, No direct movie button, Tendency to clip highlights in high-contrast scenes, Relatively little RAW headroom means it is difficult to pull back blown detail even when shooting RAW, Slightly unrel