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By Macworld Australia on 80

There was a time, before smartphones ruled the world, when Personal Digital Assistants like the Palm Pilot ruled the world. When those devices added cameras, their utility increased, but the advent of the smartphone killed them off.In a sense, the...

By PC Advisor on 70

There are a couple ways to look at the Samsung Galaxy GC110 digital camera . It's either an all-in-one device, or for some, it may be all-in-none. Its unique capabilities--blending a capable zoom-lens compact with the brains and display of a smartphone -...

By on 80

The chunky Galaxy Camera does pretty much everything your phone does except make calls. Dropbox integration gives you auto uploads of full-res images, filter apps such as Instagram work with the shutter button, and it's got enough power to run proper...

International Review By on 80

Será que vale a pena gastar uma bala por uma câmera digital equipada com sistema operacional Android? Bom, o preço é elevado, a câmera é pesada e o pouco espaço para armazenamento pode afastar potenciais compradores. Em compensação, o visor em HD, a...

International Review By on

두 눈이 휘둥그레진다. 갤럭시 카메라라니? 물론 와이파이를 지원하는 카메라가 나왔을 때 짐작한 바 있으나 그래도 역시나 고개가 갸우뚱 거려지는 건 어쩔 수 없다. 게다가 LTE까지 달고 나왔다. 와이파이 모델은 없단다. 스마트폰 있어 태블릿을 안 사는 사용자도 부지기수인데 카메라를 월 통신비를 지불하며 쓸 사용자가 있을까 싶다.그래도 새로운 카테고리를 창출하기 위한 도전이라는 점에서는 높이 사줄만 하다. 삼성전자가 지난해 8월 독일 IFA2012에...

International Review By on

The GALAXY Camera brings about an interesting concept made possible by Samsung, which ultimately, falls short of what it could have truly achieved due to certain issues.While the GALAXY Camera performs well with sufficient ambient light, its low-light...

International Review By on

Dari segi kualiti gambar, Galaxy Camera masih belum mampu menyaingi kamera-kamera kompak yang ada di pasaran sekarang. Harganya yang agak mahal pula membuatkan anda terfikir sama ada ianya sebuah peranti yang berbaloi untuk dibeli. Seperti Galaxy Note...

International Review By on

Update : Added Sample Images sectionWhat does Samsung, Nikon, and Polaroid have in common? An Android-powered digital camera, that's what. In Berlin, Germany today, Samsung announced the GALAXY Camera. On paper, this looks like a mighty impressive...

International Review By on

W modelu Galaxy Camera projektanci Samsunga połączyli Internet i fotografię. Kombinacja wygody obsługi Androida i możliwości korzystania z niezliczonych appów oraz możliwości fotograficznych kompaktowego megazooma jest wyrazem logicznej i chyba słusznej...

International Review By on

Antara produk Samsung yang paling mencuri perhatian ramai baru-baru ini adalah Samsung Galaxy Camera. Menggunakan Android 4.1 Jelly Bean sebagai sistem operasinya dan mempunyai slot simkad untuk data/internet, Galaxy Camera ini adalah sebuah gajet yang...