Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent high ISO performance. Fast focus for stills and video. 5.7fps shooting. Quiet. Articulating rear LCD. 1080p60 video capture. Integrated GPS
  • Great image quality, AFD is the best tracking system we've seen, Excellent stabilization builtin for video, Fast FPS shooting, Center focusing point is extremely quick, Fairly silent shutter, Amazing EVF
  • Light body, bright and detailed viewfinder, most flexible LCD on any camera, high level of customisation, general image quality, superb handling, Smart Teleconversion function, highquality video
  • Very good JPEG output at default settings, Excellent high ISO output in both JPEG and Raw images, Wide dynamic range Raw files, Pleasing metering and white balance results, Solid build quality, light weight and good ergonomics / handling, In-body image stabilization system works with all lenses, High quality OLED EVF with high magnification, Articulated rear LCD, Quick Navi menu for fast access

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No optical viewfinder. Lacks built-in flash
  • Autofocus is only best in the center, Very short battery life, Slow startup, A tad more smudging at the higher ISOs than we'd like, Deep menus that aren't intuitive at first, No autofocus in manual video mode
  • Delay in changing exposure settings, slow start up, electronic viewfinder can stagger, 
occasional focus freezing issues, 
unhelpful error messages lead to dead ends in operation
  • Small coverage area of AF array compared to its peers, Autofocus not compatible with manual exposure control in video mode, No histogram available in video mode, Live view not available with continuous shooting above 3 fps (an image review is displayed instead), Magnified live view not available in video mode, AF tracking accuracy lags behind its Nikon and Canon peers, Tedious navigation throug