Editors Liked

  • Responsive touchscreen, Impressive in low light, Panorama sweep is a nice bonus feature, Sliding on/off panel is convenient
  • Great design, lifeproofing, image quality can be excellent, responsive LCD
  • Acceptable pictures up to ISO 1,600; useful functions such as Sweep Panorama and Handheld Twilight; stylish look; quick performance
  • Large touchscreen works underwater, Good performance in low light, Rugged construction with slick looks
  • Sophisticated, stylish compact 4x zoom, Waterproof to 10 feet, Dust-, shock- and freeze-proof, 25-100mm eq. lens is wide with decent telephoto reach, Low geometric distortion in JPEGs, Superb touchscreen operation, Optical image stabilization, Quality

Editors Didn't Like

  • Too small, Operating with touchscreen only might scare some off, Competitors in this price range have more built-in features, Touchscreen could be difficult to manipulate in some “tough cam” scenarios
  • Soft images, auto white balance system, very expensive, lowresolution LCD screen
  • The touchscreen is the most fragile aspect of this camera. Once cracked, you won't be able to access the menus
  • Menus are a bit confusing, Touchscreen can be unresponsive
  • Could be too small for some, Noise suppression is a little strong, Auto WB renders tungsten light quite warm, AF struggles a bit in low-light, Optional proprietary cable required to connect to HDTV, Chromatic aberration is visible at wide-angle, but be